Information SCUM Birthday Patch

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Here are some birthday goodies that you guys can craft for some celebrations!

P.S I want to see some bday screenshots for our next community showcase!

  • Okay we prepared for you a cake that you can make
  • An awesome party hat.
  • And 4 cocktails: Slavic Gent, Slav Reviver, SCUM Sunrise and The Island Special. Don't drink and drive!

We have mixed drinks about feelings.


Have some fireworks as well!

Who needs ten fingers anyway? ...

Information Scum Development Update 18.09.2019

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Developer update #11

Another boat is getting ready from the art department. Mechanics for driving boats is still in the works.

We refreshed our vests with some visual overhauls. The one bellow will take the place of the "Heavy Ballistic Armor"


News Hunt Showdown Release Canidate Patch 1

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Here are the update notes for the 1.0 Release Candidate. Please note, due to the amount of content in this update, the notes will be posted through multiple announcements. Links will be provided at the bottom of each announcement to the next section.

Community Contract details

As all of the test server Community Contracts have been successfully completed (thank you to everyone for participating, great work!) the following details outline what will be granted to you for the completion:

  • 300 Blood bonds.

The new challenge will be announced shortly after this update has been released.

Exclusive Early Access reward:

  • Added Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol "The Benefactor" - Exclusive reward for all players who purchased the game during Early Access.


Version: v1.0
SteambuildID: 4125889
Client patch size: ~16.4GB